Trusting in the agricultural border

Following the good results obtained in the last years, the national market of harvesters may jump this year due to the renewed mood of the producers

Brazilian harvester market follows the general trend of the industry of agricultural machines. In terms of results, the scenario foreseen by the experts for 2018 is of retaking and reinforcing, with expectation of going closer to the average sale levels obtained previously in the country. “The industry is really more confident”, points Maurício de Menezes, tactical marketing manager from John Deere Brasil. “Crops were good in the last years. This makes necessary to renew and increase the national agricultural fleet. Obviously this is a reason to be optimistic, especially because it is well-known that Brazil was expanding its agricultural borders in the past few years.”

With this expansion highlighted by Menezes, “in addition of having the normal movement of vehicle renewal, the agricultural producer will also have to increase his fleet, especially in respect to harvesters”. According to him, the national market for this type of equipment is absorbing currently about six thousand machines per year, including all brands.

The projection is therefore too favorable for the next years, with expansion of the arable area and positive forecasts of climate and market. “This guarantees the basic foundations of the agribusiness and shows the producer’s confidence”, says the expert.


On the other hand, according to the manager of John Deere, the industry has installed capacity enough to attend this possible increase of demand. “This is confirmed since during the last years—not only due to commercial fundament conditions but also to government support—the industry was able to supply the market when the demand was even much higher than the current expectations”, says the executive, giving as example what happened around 2012/2013, when the Brazilian market itself reached the annual sales mark of about 8,000 harvesters.

A little more conservative in relation to the figures for this year but still optimistic, the product marketing manager from Massey Ferguson, Fabrício Müller, estimates that harvester sales for the 2017/2018 crop will remain between 4.5 and 5 thousand machines. According to him, the opportunities for industry increase will be concentrated in the Center-Western region of the country, linked to the cultivation of soy and corn, in the local summer crop.